My uncle once told me that as a man, you do not need to wait for your fellow man. Meaning that “As a man, you must not wait for your fellow man to succeed in life”. You must push yourself and stand alone as a man. Time they say wait for no man, so you need to motivate yourself as a man. Get busy doing something resourceful with your time. Today is the right time, no sure thing as tomorrow I will do it. Start now to build in your dreams. Just be creative and think out of the box. Be focus and use your head and no matter how little your dreams are, just stay put and hope that your effort will yield bigger achievement.

Orisen swett marden opined: “We cannot rise higher than our thought of ourselves”. So you see as a man thinks so he is. You have to put in extra time, work it out and be dedicated to what you believe in. I tell you that in due time you will surely hit the mark. Stay motivated and humble to your course. A lot of great minds have been there and you can learn from their wealth of experience and build on your dreams. This will guild you into becoming whatever you have set your mind to achieve in life. I wish you all the best on the road to success. It is sure not going to be an easy ride but you have to persevere.


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